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Meet the Team: Spotlight on Dr. David Hernandez

Today we’re proud to feature Miami’s very own Love Doctor, Dr. David Hernandez!

Dr. Hernandez’s motto is, “There’s no sense in knowing something if I can’t teach it.” Fortunately, his involvement in Premier Practice Accelerator enables him to share his wealth of knowledge with practices and meet the needs of patients far and wide. His main objective as a sexual health doctor is to help us all live longer, healthier, and sexier lives.

Dr. Hernandez specializes in the realms of male and female sexual health, aesthetics, and wellbeing. By utilizing cutting-edge regenerative and anti-aging medicine, Dr. Hernandez has made it his personal goal to empower each patient to prevent disease and stay beautiful inside and out.

As a sexual health specialist and educator, Dr. Hernandez is an expert in the following treatment options:

  • Shockwave therapy for ED
  • P-shot (Platelet-rich plasma injection for male sexual dysfunction)
  • O-shot (Platelet-rich plasma injection for female sexual dysfunction)

Education & Background in Men’s Sexual Health

Dr. David Hernandez, also known as the Miami Love Doctor, always knew he wanted to save lives. He started by obtaining his EMT-Paramedic license from Miami Dade Community College. After working in Jackson Memorial Hospital as an Emergency Room Specialist, he went on to attend UNIBE in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he obtained his Medical Degree. Since then, Dr. Hernandez has dedicated his career to destigmatizing aging and helping clients of all ages live their best lives. 

In 2015, Dr. Hernandez joined a prominent anti-aging clinic where he was essential to the development of the protocol for the use of shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction (ED) and female sexual dysfunction (FSD). Now, Dr. Hernandez is considered a master injector by Dr. Charles Runnels and is an instructor for various platelet-rich plasma therapeutic procedures developed by Dr. Runnels such as the P-shot, O-shot, and Vampire Facial procedures. 

Dr. Hernandez has earned success by treating ED in Miami, Alabama, and beyond. Today, his extensive experience can help increase your practice’s revenue with a two-day course on ED treatment. 

Erectile Dysfunction Training with The Premier Practice Accelerator

As a founder of Premier Practice Accelerator, it is Dr. Hernandez’s goal to share industry secrets and make in-demand treatments available to all via the two-day erectile dysfunction training course.

With a course agenda specifically designed to meet popular patient needs and fill gaps in industry knowledge, we’re confident you and your staff will be empowered with the insider information it takes to:

  • Successfully treat ED
  • Advertise your treatment options
  • Engage efficiently with patients
  • Grow your practice to new levels

Since its debut in 2018, the course has helped over 150 practices and 550 clinicians obtain the necessary skills to develop a successful practice and treat erectile dysfunction. Support doesn’t stop when the course does, either: because we truly care, we continue to mentor practices long after completion of the training course!

Want to receive business strategies, clinical training, and ongoing support from the best in the industry? Contact us online now or call (205) 600-6879.

Take Your Practice to New Levels with Dr. David Hernandez, The Miami Love Doctor

Every patient deserves a satisfying sex life. As a renowned expert in sexual health and sexual dysfunction treatments, Dr. Hernandez is eternally passionate about patient engagement, practice building, and marketing in the medical industry. He has performed shockwave treatments for sexual health on tens of thousands of patients and trained over one thousand doctors. 

Today Dr. Hernandez leads a shockwave therapy training course and Provides P-shot training and O-shot training for physicians as a part of Premier Practice Accelerator’s erectile dysfunction training course. Much more than just a lecture, these two-day courses include clinical training with opportunities for hands-on treatment demonstrations and experience with real patients. Attendees are also eligible to receive Shockwave Therapy certifications and more. As a participant, you’ll be able to diversify your offerings and join a thriving community of health professionals making a real difference in their communities. 

If you’re ready to take the next step and learn directly from Dr. Hernandez, the Miami Love Doctor, contact us online or by calling (205) 600-6879.

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