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Dr. David Hernandez
About Dr. Hernandez

Dr. David Hernandez also known as the Miami Love Doctor did his undergraduate studies at Miami Dade Community College where he obtained his EMT-Paramedic license. His goal was to save peoples’ lives. After working in Jackson Memorial Hospital as an Emergency Room Specialist he decided to go to Medical School. He attended UNIBE in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where he obtained his Medical Degree.

Since then Dr. Hernandez has dedicated his career to making aging an unimportant matter in patients’ lives. Giving patients the ability to prevent disease, live healthier lives and stay beautiful for as long as possible. Dr. Hernandez specializes in the realms of male and female sexual health, aesthetics, and wellbeing, utilizing regenerative and anti-age medicine.

In 2015 Dr. Hernandez joined a prominent Anti-Aging clinic where he was essential to the development of the protocol for the use of shockwave therapy for ED and FSD. He has also done shockwave treatments for sexual health on tens of thousands of patients, has trained over 1000 doctors and is considered an expert on the subject amongst his peers.
Dr. Hernandez is considered a master injector by Dr. Charles Runnels and is an instructor teaching the various PRP procedures developed by Dr. Runnels. Such as P-shot, O-shot and the Vampire procedures.

Dr. Hernandez states “that there is no sense in knowing something if I can’t teach it” meaning not only does he have his patients in mind but also everyone else’s. His main objective is to help us all live longer, healthier and sexier lives.

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