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By 2025, erectile dysfunction (ED) is predicted to affect over 322 million men1. While common, ED is a diagnosis that can negatively impact both physical and emotional health. Men and women diagnosed with sexual dysfunction are actively seeking viable treatment options from medical practices they trust.

That’s where we come in. With an expert training course from Premier Practice Accelerator, you and your staff can be better prepared to not only treat the symptoms of ED, but also engage your patients in a more efficient, compassionate, and understanding way.

After completing our two-day course, you’ll have the knowledge it takes to successfully treat ED, advertise your treatments, and grow your practice.

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Clinical Training on ED

Marketing & Sales Training

Our Premier Practice Accelerator training course includes marketing and sales training for this main reason: it’s proven to work! As medical professionals, you not only need clinical knowledge and expertise, but successful service requires the ability to translate your skills to your patients.

Our marketing and sales training includes:

How to Utilize Marketing and Reach Your Target Audience

Best Advertising Avenues for Your Practice

Sales 101: How to Handle Leads

Enhance the Value of Patient Consults and Engagement

Keys to a Successful Patient Assessment

Creating an Incentivization Plan for Support Staff

Clinical Training on ED

If you’re looking to incorporate cash-pay medical services into your practice, then the Premier Practice Accelerator Training has lots to offer you! We see physicians from all areas of expertise! Some of the topics that are discussed in this course are:

Erectile Dysfunction
Neurophysiology and Neuroanatomy of an Erection
Intensive Review of Male and Female Genitalia
Erectile Physiology
Primary Cause of ED
Biological Effects of Acoustic Wave Therapy
Takeaways from Clinical Studies on Acoustic Wave Therapy
Peyronie’s and Effective Treatment Options
Understanding Peptides
HRT Overview and Implantation
Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
And more!
Practice Accelerator Training Class
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The Inpulsa

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Introducing Shockwave Therapy System

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! After undergoing our clinical training, you will have the opportunity for hands-on experience treating real patients.

We’re proud to facilitate our participants receiving impressive certifications, such as Shockwave Therapy, and more!

We’re thrilled you’re ready to take the first step in accelerating the growth of your practice! To request more information, contact us today by calling (205) 600-6879 or by clicking here.


A Great Investment

As participants of the Premier Practice Accelerator training program, you will have a thorough understanding of the medical avenues to treat erectile dysfunction, as well as effective sales, business, and marketing strategies.

However, Premier Practice Accelerator is more than a two-day course to mark off a checklist. Your course instructors are physicians who are successful in their own practices by the very principles they share with you. With Premier Practice Accelerator, you’re truly gaining a mentor that wants to see your practice at peak success.

When you participate in our training, you truly become part of a thriving community of health professionals making a difference in their communities.

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